Service providers

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Increasing efficiency for service providers
EBA Modified NPL Data Template
Follow the Guidelines on NPL exposures data standard published by the European Banking Authority by easily structuring your portfolio data.
Securitisation Regulations
NPL Markets helps securitisation data providers to produce European Securities and Markets Authorities compliant investor disclosures.
Share within your organisation
The NPL Markets Data Mapping Tool facilitates team preparation of data. Teammates can cooperate on different phases of data preparation.
Manage different jurisdictions
Geographical data support for more than a dozen jurisdictions.
Drag and drop file uploads
Intuitive upload mechanism via drag and drop for portfolio data files.
Manage and update prepared results
Get access to an overview of your mapped portfolios and the ability to update existing data.
Re-use your work
Easily re-use work on previous portfolios to newly uploaded portfolios. Become more efficient every time you use the tool.