The integrated platform to manage credit portfolios and transactions
Performing and non-performing loan data
Automated valuations and reporting
Centralised marketplace and deal management
> 7.5M
Performing loans valued
> 2.2M
NPLs valued
Portfolios valued
Loans on sale
Institutional investors
Upcoming Webinar: The New EBA NPL Data Templates
Our Chief Technology Officer, Burkhard Heppe will be guest speaker at the webinar on The New EBA NPL Data Templates arranged by the European DataWarehouse (EDW) with the keynote presentation from Oleg Shmeljov & Lidja Schiavo from EBA. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, 31 January 2023 at 16:00 CET and Burkhard will discuss with a group of experts about the scope and implementation of EBA’s new templates
Integrated Platform
Managing performing and non-performing loans across countries and asset classes.
Data Preparation
Standardise, validate and complete your data tape for transactions and reporting.
Valuation and Analytics
Comprehensive analytics for portfolio valuation and bank balance-sheet analysis.
Access an international trading ecosystem to accelerate transactions.
Automated ESMA and interactive portfolio performance reporting.
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